We help women running creative, coaching, and consulting businesses that are looking to scale.

Sprk'd Labs

It's Time to Get Sh!t Done!

If you're looking for time to focus and get to those lingering tasks you know are important for propelling your business forward, but... other "urgent" things keep getting in the way, these sessions are for you!

Let's GSD together, separately in our own comfortable works spaces. Sprk'd Labs are held over Zoom so you can participate from wherever you are.

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Need more details?

Sprk'd Labs are a distraction-free, focused, swath of time in your calendar for you to work ON your business instead of IN your business. And you'll get to do this amidst others just as focused on growing their business as you are — except not in the same room.

Do you...

  • Push your own deadlines back on things like content creation, quarterly planning, business planning, research, operational tasks, etc.?
  • Feel a sense of ick, stab of stress, or twinge of guilt, because "the thing" you know needs to get done never seems to... get done?
  • Have something to do for your business on a "rainy day" list but that "rainy day" magically never seems to come?
  • Find things to work on that aren’t "the thing?" (I call this productive procrastination)
  • Do you enjoy working solo but amongst other business owners who are also working?
  • Want to finally get "it" done?

Sprk'd Labs are typically offered on select Tuesdays from 10am - Noon Central Time.*
*Additional times may pop up so check back often for more sessions.

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[OPTIONAL] After you sign up, you'll also be able to book 15 minutes of one-on-one time with me (Christine) to discuss an area of your business or marketing. You can use this time to brainstorm campaign or content ideas, get feedback on a webpage, etc. To keep things fair, I ask that you sign up for no more than one time slot per session. One-on-one sessions are first-come, first-served.

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For accountability, motivation, and inspiration, you're asked to have your video on. You should be able to attend live; there are no replays for Sprk'd Labs.

Refunds or transfers are not available for this service.

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